NFTs are live on Frontier!

One App to Track and Manage all your NFTs

NFTs are live on Frontier!

We are excited to announce that Frontier now supports tracking and managing for Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Semi fungible Tokens (Erc-1155). Users now can visualise all their NFTs positions by connecting mobile wallets with Frontier interface.

We thank the OpenSea team for helping us with the APIs support!

Tl;dr: What all does this NFT release include?

  1. Tracking NFTs – Connect other mobile wallets with Frontier and track all NFTs no matter which marketplace you've bought from. Users can see a complete overview of NFTs with details such as Last Sale, Artist, Edition, Medium Collection etc
  2. Managing NFTs – Connect other mobile wallets with Frontier and send them to other wallets/addresses.
  3. Supports NFTs with Motion and Music – NFTs which has audio supports, can be played in Frontier and also NFTs with animations.
  4. Segregated view – We now have three different tabs on Asset page:
    1. Tokens – Shows all the Ethereum and ERC20 tokens
    2. Positions – Shows all the DeFi Positions
    3. NFTs – Shows all NFTs

What are NFTs?

NFTs stands for Non-Fungible tokens, A non-fungible token (NFT) is a special type of cryptographic token which represents something unique. These NFTs are based on ERC-721 Protocol and ERC- 1155. Every NFT which exists on the blockchain are unique to each and cannot be replaced by other tokens.

What are the Use-case of NFTs?

There are several use-cases, such as:

  1. Digital Art
  2. Collectables
  3. Tokenising real-world assets on the blockchain
  4. Gaming

Tracking NFTs with Frontier

#1: Download Frontier

Frontier is available on both AppStore and PlayStore

Download: iOS & Android

#2 Connect Wallets with Frontier

Click on "Proceed" -> Click "Watch & Manage" -> Enter Ethereum address or ENS and name your wallet -> Click "Watch" -> Asset page loads -> Choose "NFTs"

#3 Explore NFTs section

Visualise all your NFTs in one place! Ens domains, Digital art, gaming NFTs all of it in one single place.

#4 Tap NFTs to explore more

Frontier supports all kinds of NFTs, the ones with Audio and motion. Click on any of your NFTs which supports Audio or motion and play it! Show it to your friends :D

You can also see details such as Last Sale price, Artist name, the year when it got created etc.

Where can I sell these NFTs?

There are several Marketplaces for selling NFTs such as OpenSea, Rarible, Superrare


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