Monthly April Recap

Monthly April Recap

April has been a busy month at Frontier. We have been actively working on getting $FRONT integrated into multiple DeFi ecosystems across Blockchains, community events, and integrations with partners to make DeFi more accessible on Mobile. Like always, we would like to thank our awesome community for supporting us along the way!

This month's recap will be divided into three parts:

🤝 Partnerships & Ecosystem
⚒ Integrations
💹 Exchange listings and events
👻 Community and Marketing events

Before we get started with our monthly recap, we would like to thank our community for supporting us during the tough times. We stand together as one and fight against COVID

Frontier’s response to the COVID emergency in India
TLDR: Frontier stands with its team and the affected ones during this testingtime and announces a company-wide two weeks off to help maintain its employees’physical and mental health and spend time with the loved ones during thispandemic. With COVID cases rising in India; the Frontier team has …

🤝 Partnerships & Ecosystem

🎉 Frontier ($FRONT) is now natively integrated with Travala!

Users can now use $FRONT as payments for 3M+ travel products.
Happy Travels! ✈️✈️

💸 Stake FRONT/ETH LP on GalaxyFarm and Farm 10 Different Assets!

Users will be able to earn rewards in the following assets: Frontier, Router Protocol, Union Finance, Nord Finance, Glitch Finance, Stater Finance, Razor Network, MantraDAO,  Rage.Fan, IGGalaxy.

👩‍🚀 Frontier Chain Incentivized Testnet Goes Live with $150,000 USD worth Rewards in $FRONT!

Frontier is proud to announce that Frontier Chain Incentivized Testnet (Codename: Black Mamba 0) is now officially live, powered by Cosmos SDK. This marks the beginning of Frontier chain journey towards building a truly decentralized key management blockchain.

🚀 Frontier to integrate UnoRe's reinsurance risk pools and native staking in its Mobile DeFi Interface

🔌 Native UnoRe Protocol Integration: UnoRe's reinsurance risk pools will be integrated into Frontier enabling users to invest into pools by staking stablecoins and earning $DAI or $UNO.
💰Native $UNO Staking: Users will be able to seamlessly stake $UNO tokens via Frontier Mobile interface by connecting multiple Ethereum Wallets.

🔔 Frontier to support decentralized notifications using Ethereum Push Notification Service

- Exploring the EPNS protocol usage within Frontier app.
- Implementing and ironing out any features required to enable smooth integration.
- Building a SDK that is deployable as a plug and play solution for all crypto wallets.

Alpha Homora vBSC Adds Leveraged BNB/FRONT Pool

Alpha Homora vBSC now supports leveraged yield farming pools of BNB/XVS (2.0x) and BNB/FRONT (2.0x) on PancakeSwap!

Thank you so much to the Alpha Homora team for working on this with us and adding our LP into the platform. We look forward to seeing more from Alpha Finance Lab!

We are pleased to announce that Chainlink has added support for $FRONT ERC20 price feeds in its Oracle to enable seamless integration into dApps.

With Chainlink adding the price feeds, it will enable dApps and developers to seamlessly integrate $FRONT into protocol and anyone to fetch reliable on-chain price feed for $FRONT.

MDEX Adds Frontier ($FRONT) for Liquidity Mining on BSC

$FRONT as one of the assets for liquidity mining pools. This is the first BSC LP program for FRONT with a stable asset on the opposite side which should reduce risk but also increase upside with $MDX rewards. We thank the MDEX community and team for their efforts in welcome Frontier into their ecosystem and look forward to participating together further!

⚒ Integrations

🍣Track, Manage, and Provide Liquidity on SushiSwap Using Frontier

Becoming a Liquidity Provider has never been this easy! We are excited to announce the native integration of SushiSwap enabling users to track, manage, and provide liquidity to any Sushi pool directly from Frontier DeFi interface with your favourite ethereum wallets!

💹 Exchange listings and events hosts Frontier ($FRONT) trading competition hosts $FRONT trading competition with $150,00 USD worth FRONT as rewards!

👻 Community and Marketing events

Frontier x Unmarshal AMA

Frontier hosted Monohara K from Unmarshal for an AMA session in Frontier community to educate about Unmarshal and its partnership with Frontier.

Frontier x MDEX AMA

Frontier hosted MDEX team for an AMA session in Frontier community to educate about the recent collaboration and liquidity mining on MDEX Platform

About Frontier

Frontier is a Chain Agnostic DeFi Aggregation layer. Using Frontier, Users can Track and Manage DeFi positions, Stake Assets, Swap or Exchange Assets and explore more DeFi Applications in one single place. Frontier is also building Frontier chain, which is a Decentralized Key Management blockchain based on Cosmos SDK.

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