Monthly November Recap

NFTs, Product releases, Listings and a whole lot of amazing things in the recap.

Monthly November Recap

November has been non-stop shipping month at Frontier. We have been actively working on improving Product UX, making $FRONT accessible across multiple exchanges, community events, and integrations with partners to make DeFi more accessible on Mobile. Like always, we would like to thank our awesome community for supporting us along the way!

This month's recap will be divided into four parts:

🀝 Partnerships & Ecosystem
βš’ Integrations
πŸ’Ή Exchange listings and events
πŸ‘» Community and Marketing events

🀝 Partnerships & Ecosystem

Frontier x AllianceBlock = Native $ALBT Staking on Mobile πŸ“²

Frontier partnered with AllianceBlock, a decentralized, blockchain-agnostic layer 2 that bridges traditional and decentralized finance and automates the process of converting any digital or crypto asset into a bankable product.

This partnership will enable users to stake $ALBT directly from popular mobile wallets by connecting with Frontier’s mobile interface without having to import a seed phrase or private keys. Also, users will be able to create wallets on Frontier and store, spend, receive, and stake $ALBT.

Frontier x AToken Wallet

Frontier partnered with AToken Wallet, a digital currency wallet is a light mobile wallet that supports multi-currency storage, the access to third-party DApps and currency exchange.

Binance Research report

Binance Reasearch released report on Frontier covering Introduction, Product details, Token utility, Team details and much more.

New Liquidity Pool for $FRONT on SushiSwap!

To make $FRONT accessible across multiple DEX's. We bootstrapped liquidity into a new DEX via SushiSwap ( with a new FRONT-USDT pair that’s currently around ~53,000 USDT on the $FRONT side and USDT side.

Frontier Voting portal goes live!

As we transition into a more community-led and community-focused approach towards how we evolve next, it’s important that we first align ourselves on how much $FRONT someone must hold to take part in non-trivial community initiatives, like contests, events, community-selected integrations, and much more.

Voting portal:

βš’ Integrations

Native Yearn Vaults now live on Frontier

We started the month with one of the important releases. Native Yearn Vaults are now integrated into Frontier. Users can track and manage all vaults using Frontier interface.

Native $ZIL Staking is now LIVE on Frontier!

Zilliqa staking went live on Frontier. Users can now seamlessly Stake, Store, Send and receive Zil seamlessly on Frontier.

New Wallet Integration: Frontier x AToken Wallet

Frontier integrated AToken Wallet into its interface. Users can now connect AToken wallet and track DeFi portfolio, Stake assets, Lend assets and explore DeFi protocols.

The Best Native Mobile NFT experience

This has been one of biggest release and most requested feature from our community. Tracking NFTs was hard, but now with Frontier you track all your NFTs with motion and audio!

πŸ’Ή Exchange listings and events

$FRONT gets listed on Binance!

Binance is Asia's largest cryptocurrency exchange. $FRONT gets listed on Binance under Innovation Zone with BUSD and Ethereum pairs.

NFT Giveaway on Binance listing!

To celebrate $FRONT listing on Binance. we gave away 25 limited edition "BUMBLEBEE" NFTs and 15 limited edition Binance inspired NFTs

Check out the NFT here

Check out the NFT here

$FRONT gets listed on Coinone

Coinone is one of the largest Korean exchange. $FRONT gets listed on Coinone with KRW markets.

$FRONT gets listed on Gate

Gate is one of the popular cryptocurrency exchange based out of china. $FRONT gets listed on Gate with USDT pair.

$FRONT gets listed on FTX!

FTX is one of largest cryptocurrency exchange. $FRONT gets listed on FTX with USDT and USD pairs.

$FRONT gets its first ever USD pair on FTX Exchange!

NFT Giveaway on FTX Listing!

To celebrate $FRONT listing on FTX. We gave away 10 limited edition NFTs to community.

Check the NFT here

πŸ‘» Community and Marketing events

AMA with OpenDeFi community

Frontier team was invited to OpenDeFi community to discuss and answer questions about Frontier and chain-agnostic approach to DeFi

AMA with Bonfida

We hosted Bonfida in our community for an AMA session to learn and discuss about NFTs on Solible, the first NFT marketplace on Solana, Serum dashboard, Serum Dex and much more!

AMA with Minted Labs Community

Korean influencer community Minted labs hosted Frontier team for AMA session in their community. This was Frontier's first Korean AMA session, we'll keep pushing $FRONT to various regional communities.

A11 Crypto Founders series

Our CEO, Ravindra Kumar was invited to A11 Crypto youtube channel for an interview to discuss about DeFi Aggregation on Mobile, Frontier chain β€” Decentralised Key management, and Mobile first approach to DeFi Adoption.

AMA with Cryp2gem community

Frontier team was invited to Cryp2gem community for an AMA session to share and educate community about Frontier.

Diwali NFT Giveaway

To celebrate Diwali, we gave away limited edition NFTs to our community.

Check out the NFT – Festival of lights

AMA with ZeroSwap

We hosted Aayushi Jain from ZeroSwap for an AMA session in Frontier community to educate users about ZeroSwap and its features.

AMA with AToken Wallet

We hosted Jolish from AToken Wallet for an AMA session in Frontier community to educate about Atoken and its partnership with Frontier.

Exclusive Frontier Mascot Giveaway!

10 exclusive Frontier Mascot NFTs were dropped to community members

Check out the NFT here

Flash Drops – Lots of $FRONTs and HOT NFTs

We have been actively engaging community with NFTs and rewards. Communities are building blocks of Frontier.

Check out the NFTs we have dropped so far in Flash Drops

  1. "The Jam" NFT by Arben
  2. Frontier mascot
  3. "The Genius" by Arben


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